DIY cleaning tips for Upholstery

Are you planning to clean up upholstery at home?

Then, you might be looking for different DIY ways to do it.

It could be a hectic task to do that at home on your own without getting any professional help for upholstery cleaning.

But it is not going to be that difficult for you if you will follow some easy DIY cleaning tips referred in this article.

Sometimes, many people just do not want to spend money on getting upholstery cleaned up by a professional.

If you are facing the same issue then, that’s not a problem anymore. You can easily clean up your recliner yourself following some easy DIY tips.

Look for the type of fabric

Before going on with any cleaning process, first, always look for what type of fabric your sofa is made up of.

haitian-cotton-fabric-sofasThere are fabrics like Haitian cotton that cannot be cleaned off at home due to its higher risk of getting ruined. It is better to go for professional cleaning rather than ruining them forever.

On the other hand, you can easily clean up any type of synthetically made upholstery such as a polyester one. It is advised to always test a cleaner on a hidden part of the chair before using it for cleaning the fabric.

Do not use vinegar or any other acidic solution as it will ruin the fabric for sure.

Use Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are a perfect solution to clean up any upholstery. You can use baby wipes to clean your furniture’s fabric as these are very mild in nature.

There is not much soap and water content in these wipes, which makes them the best to remove stains and dirt out of your furniture.

Upholstery spray cleaners

You can use sprays in order to clean your furniture. It is better to test any kind of spray on a hidden spot and follow the instructions given on the bottle.

Doing so, you will be sure of whether it will damage the upholstery or not.

Know from manufacturer

The cleaning process will be different for different fabrics as mentioned above. You cannot use a steam cleaner on every sofa.

Always look for the fabric details as provided by the manufacturer and ask him to know what would be best suited for that specific fabric.

You can use any cleaner on some and it is sometimes mandatory for you to get it dry-cleaned.

Use Dryer or Tuff Tuff

You can buy these products very easily from your nearby stores. You can use them to remove any stains or other spots on your sofa.

With Dryer, you can dry clean your sofa at home in an efficient way. It is the perfect choice for no-water use upholstery.

The above cleaning tips are really going to be helpful for you if you are planning to get your furniture cleaned up at home.

It is important to keep in mind that during the cleaning process of upholstery never let the fabric to get too wet. Doing this would land you in more problems.

It might seem that you need more water to clean up stains but it is better to stay off from water as a high amount of moisture is going to ruin your furniture.

In the first place, try to remove stains with a mild fabric cleaner before using water on the upholstery.

Try to dry your chair as much as possible while getting water out of it and even be sure not to let water escape into any metal parts of the furniture as it will rust.

Keep the points mentioned above in mind before opting out for any DIY cleaning process.

Happy Cleaning!