Minimising Wilton Carpet Shrinking

A feature of many brilliant period homes is the traditional style of Belgian Wilton carpet, famed for its lush appearance and its easy incorporation of many different designs and patterns.

Wilton carpet is also highly durable against even the toughest of stains and high foot traffic, and as a result, can be found in many hotels and public houses all across the country. However, they also have a tendency to shrink if the proper cleaning method is not used.

Breaking away from the seams, the shrinking effect can leave large gaps between the walls of your home and the carpet itself and can pose a hazard for the carpet should water be dropped in this area.

The team at Jena’s Carpet Cleaning have provided a few tips on how to minimise the shrinking effect of your wonderful period Wilton carpet, and how to maintain it as an essential feature of your wonderful home.

Ensure your Vacuum is Working to its Full Potential

A common cause of shrinking in Wilton carpets is the use of old or low-pressure vacuum cleaners.

These vacuums, whilst they may remove low lying dust on the surface of the carpet, aren’t capable of drying out moisture and can leave water in the seam of the carpet. This water, if not removed, can constrain the fibers of your Wilton carpet, and therefore provide a shrinking effect.

Replace your old vacuum with a new one or, if the pressure is adjustable, move the sucking pressure to the highest value it can reach.

Refrain from Using Water Based Cleaning Products

Carpet products generally come in two different types, either a foam substance or a water-based spray, and it is this spray that can possibly harm your Wilton carpet.

Again, overuse of these water sprays can create a buildup of moisture that will shrink the jute (backing) of your carpet.

Always try to purchase foam based sprays that can be vacuumed up after use. These foam products generally work better regardless, as they act as a shampoo for your carpet.

Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners on a Regular Basis

There is no substitute for a professional, deep clean of your Wilton carpet, which can revitalise the great colours and overall appearance of its surface, and ensure the dreaded shrinking effect doesn’t occur.

Jena’s Carpet Cleaning has extensive experience in Wilton carpet cleaning, and can expertly target areas of concern, removing the possibility of shrinkage.